These uncanny similarities between Pakistan’s 1992 and 2019 World Cup will make you go crazy


Twenty-seven years and a generation apart, Pakistan’s World Cup bears striking similarities with their 1992 campaign — when they started slowly but ended up lifting the trophy in Melbourne. An identical sequence of wins and losses, and other eerie parallels, have struck a chord with millions of fans who believe that Pakistan could be set to come out on top once again.

In both World Cups, Pakistan started with a one-sided defeat to the West Indies, before recovering to win their second game — against Zimbabwe in 1992, and England this time around. At both tournaments, their third game was rained off and they then went on to lose their next two games and win the following two.

Not only that, but the final win in both sequences was against New Zealand, who were unbeaten in both 1992 and 2019 until they ran into Pakistan. When the Pakistan cricket team’s World Cup 2019 slogan ‘We have, we will’ was launched, the idea was to say that Pakistan has won the World Cup in the past and will do it again.

It seems Pakistan are trying to do it in the same manner in 2019 as they did in 1992. So far, Pakistan’s track and situation in the tournament is not much different from what it was 27 years ago. Pakistan achieved their third win of the World Cup in seven matches with 5 balls to spare as they ended New Zealand’s unbeaten run in the tournament.

At the 2019 ICC World Cup, Pakistan beat an undefeated New Zealand to claim their third victory of the World Cup in their seventh game with five balls to spare. Who writes the script for Pakistan? Fans are now hoping that the similarities don’t end there, and even that they continue beyond the World Cup.

“Imran Khan was Pakistan captain in 1992 World Cup and 26 years after that triumph he became country’s prime minister, so Sarfaraz should also join politics and become premier in 2045,” said one comment on social media.