So here are 10 ways for how an email newsletter marketing strategy can bring more money into your business. With an email newsletter you can:

1. build a relationship with your customers as well as potential customers

2. regularly communicate with your customers and potential customers news about the business – expos, designs, sales, events etc

3. educate your customers about your products and services so they know why your’s are better than the competition

4. make a direct call to action for sales, sign ups, registration, whatever results you want from your customers

5. easily survey your customers so you can find out what they want, how, when, where, how so you can specifically meet their requirements

6. share the news about marketing initiatives like competitions, media coverage, special events

7. provide specific and direct links into your site for products and services you are featuring

8. viral marketing with readers forwarding your email and site links to others

9. generate additional income by selling carefully selected advertisers space to promote their business to your customers

10. trade with other email newsletter editors/owners recommendation messages with each other’s audiences

If you want to find out what makes a successful newsletter just sign up to a series of them to see what other’s are doing. This lets you see what you would and would not do. Sign up for a range of businesses that include your competitors both big companies and smaller businesses; complementary businesses with products and services that suit yours; ones that share the same or similar customer base. The aim is to research and see how things are done so a varied approach will bring more ideas up for you.

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