his is the most important, and probably the most time consuming, aspect of using Twitter, particularly for marketing purposes. While you can download your lists of contacts from email accounts to your Twitter list of followers, this is probably not the best thing to do for marketers. See, you are trying to find new people to expose to your product or service. So, the best way to add followers is to decide on a niche. Then, research key people within your niche. For example, if you are looking to market your mindset coaching business, Tony Robins might be an obvious person to look for. Follow these experts in your field, and then start following some of their followers. Twitter etiquette dictates that you should follow back anyone who follows you, with some obvious exceptions. So, you will slowly, but surely, increase your followers, as you follow new people every day. There are also tools like , and We Follow than can help you find like-minded people to follow on Twitter.Automate Your Tweets — Since you are using Twitter for business purposes, you should find ways to automate at least part of the process. Tools such can help you manage and automate aspects of your Twitter account. These tools can help you automate your updates, people who are not following you, identify people who are not using their accounts actively, and manage direct messages. Proper use of these tools can really cut down the amount of time you spend on Twitter each day.Keep it Social — One of the worst mistakes a marketer can make is approach any social site, including Twitter, as classified posting sites. You CANNOT use Twitter just to post ads. Your account can, and will be terminated, if you use it for Spamming purposes. So, focus on providing information, latest news, and useful updates. Build relationships, establish trust. Remember that people are far more likely to buy from someone they know and trust. Keeping this in mind, will help you stay out of trouble. Make friends first, then as opportunity presents itself, you can start offering your product or services.Establish a Daily Mode of Operation — If you are using Twitter for business for business, then approach it as a business. Establish a routine to help you maximize your Twitter time, otherwise you can spend all day on it. My suggestion is to begin by clearing your Direct Messages and your unfollows. This can be very easily accomplished with some of the software suggested above. Then, post or schedule 3 to 4 updates (These can be newsworthy topics, or simply quotes, quips or humorous entries). After you have been using Twitter for a few weeks, you can add 1 or 2 daily tweets linking to your lead capture or sales page. But, don’t do it too often, and definitely, don’t let those be your only

witter is a free, social networking, micro-blogging platform launched by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Since its inception, Twitter has consistently increased in popularity and notoriety worldwide. With its wide reach and the variety of users it hosts, it is no wonder marketers have turned to this extremely viral, no cost, medium to help expand their businesses. Getting results from these efforts, however, is not as simple as it might first appear. So, here are five essential tips to help you as you use Twitter for marketing purposes.

  1. Learn the Ropes — As with any media you choose for promoting your business, it is extremely important that you take the time to learn the basic conventions for the platform. While the concept is simple enough (Tell the world “What’s happening?” in 140 characters or less) anyone looking at a Twitter page for the first time might become overwhelmed, confused, and a bit flustered at the massive amount of information displayed in very little time. So, the first essential is to REALLY become familiar with Twitter and all its possible uses

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